I am a freelance software developer from hamburg – germany since 2004. My interests in developing software are very wide spreaded. My key interests are architecture things like design patterns and wiring pieces together. I have a strong background in graphical and interface design. I never give up this passion and like to apply this wherever it is possible. My currently key languages are C#, go and typescript. I like best to work as a fullstack/devops engineer in agile teams. But I also like to work completly alone and be responsible for all parts. From time to time I do some mobile projects.


I never wanted to write a blog like this, because I thought “everything” is already there and I do not want to expose myself in this way – however. Over the time I had found so many solutions for specific problems which I have not written down (or only in my personal wiki).

Now I decided to do this and share all this, first to have a wiki for myself and may be to get in touch with other devs and get some suggestions. And in a best way it helps one or the other to solve issues in developing software.